Keeping the Momentum Going Into 2022

"A Message from Our Executive Director"


YOU WOULD THINK it distressing to receive a phone call from an alarmed donor who accidentally added two zeros to her $25 donation. Indeed, a $2500 investment in the work of my organization (Death Penalty Action) is all too rare, and reimbursing it has impact. But far more important is the commitment and appreciation from this and other supporters. Martha intended to invest $25, and that’s great!

When we spoke the other day, Martha shared how grateful she is for our work, especially in light of her experience as the mother/co-victim of her murdered daughter. Her words of thanks and her investment at the level that works for her makes it all worth it.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to do this work professionally, which is how I spend the better part of most of my days. But my gratitude is rooted in knowing that I have prayers and appreciation from many people like you. I have terrific consultants (my staff) and volunteers, and a core/corps of investors (donors) who magnify our impact.

Death Penalty Action is a 501c3 designated charitable organization. We exist because people want to help.

Martha is one of 81 donors that day who collectively gave $4,950, now adjusted to $2,475. That is still a very good day in my book.

Every day I shoot for at least $1,000 in donation/investments, as that is what I need to average on a daily basis to maintain our payroll and have funds to work with. As you can see, most days I fall short of that goal. Some days, WAYYYY short! And some days, someone evens it out with a four or five figure investment.

October was the first month we averaged $1,000/day, and I am working to make November that way too. This image shows our monthly progress as of the day that Martha called. Reduce that amount by $2,475 and we were at $20,373 with six days left in the month. Today (Nov 28), we’re at $22,483.

The other image shows a particular and somewhat atypical week in November. What happened on the 18th? Julius Jones was set for execution. The good news is also the bad news. For most in the human rights advocacy world (or other organizations concerned with the human condition), the fact is that when bad stuff happens, more people notice and want to help.

And yet, here’s a curiosity. We were experiencing steady support the most recent day that an execution was a top international news story, UNTIL we announced that a commutation had been granted and the execution was off. Quite the opposite of what one might expect, good news came, and donations halted. I was chagrinned, but not surprised.

Our work did not stop that day at noon. We were “at work” until about 11pm.

Indeed, because of Death Penalty Action’ investors/donors (like YOU?), we are able to be hard at it almost every day. And it’s a good thing, because with the announced dissolution of the now defunct National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), Death Penalty Action is the only national, secular, single-issue, broad strokes anti-death penalty organization standing. We invite your investment.

Death Penalty Action is shining a spotlight and providing action opportunities for everyone, on EVERY execution. We show up. We support direct action opportunities for local abolitionists and organizations. We “go live” to provide a front row seat to the action for those who can’t travel. We ensure an abolitionist voice in the media with messages designed to reach those who don’t yet realize they oppose the death penalty. In fact, we paint the pictures seen worldwide, where images of our actions are regularly used in the media to illustrate otherwise unrelated news and opinion pieces about the death penalty.

This is about the work to stop ALL executions, every day, strategically, with impact.

So, back to our friend and supporter, Martha, whose $25 was a one-time investment on top of 80 others that day, in amounts between $1 and $100. She is part of the collective I now invite you to join.

Today we are announcing our 2022 sustainability campaign to raise at least $360,000 by January 18th from one-time and monthly donors. Part and parcel to this is our goal to achieve 1,800 monthly sustainers at an average of at least $18 each month. This will ensure that we can move beyond the fast and famine nature of our cash flow, and make Death Penalty Action UNSTOPPABLE.

What will we do with these funds? We will put more professional abolitionists to work, people with specific expertise and experience, earning their living by supporting the movement to end the death penalty. We will be able to better compensate story tellers whose lives are touched by murder and its aftermath, and whose Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty touch hearts and minds. We will be able to employ more people doing what needs to be done to amplify those voices and our messages in the places where they can make the most difference.

And together, we will win.

If you have been with us a year or more, you have seen what we can do with table scraps. You have seen how that shifts when we have solid resources. Are you ready to see what we can do when resources are significant and predictably constant?

Please think about this carefully. What is possible for you? $1/month? $9? $18? $36? Our highest sustainer level so far is $100. Will you become of the first 1800 Death Penalty Action Sustainers?

Our other goal is $360K by January 18. We’re looking for 72 four and five figure investers at an average of $5,000. $1K. $5K. $18K. What’s possible for you?

If you have the capacity, and/or know someone we can work together to invite, what’s possible for you? $1K? $5K? $18K?

If you are still reading, you are either aghast or inspired. Or possibly both! Our tax ID is EIN# 81-5344229. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Here’s how to help:

Use a credit card on-line to make a one-time investment.

Use a credit card on-line to become a Death Penalty Action Sustainer.

- Send a one time or monthly check to Death Penalty Action, PO Box 89, Ghent, NY 12075

- Donate Stock (contact Brandi & Abe at

- Advance Directive (we hope to be done and closed long before you die. Make your legacy now by donating now what you might otherwise leave in your will).

Yours in the Struggle,


PS: When we take ACTION, together we will change the world by stopping executions once and for all.

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