September 8, 2021: John Ramirez in Texas

September 15, 2021: John Stumpf in Tennessee (petition forthcoming)
- Also: Learn about the Tennessee March for Mercy

September 28, 2021: Rick Rhoades in Texas (petition forthcoming)

October 5, 2021: Ernest Johnson in Missouri

October 27, 2021: Ruben Gutierrez in Texas (petition forthcoming)

November 17, 2021: Ramiro Gonzales in Texas (petition forthcoming)

On-line petitions for postponed executions since 2020:

Postponed: Carlos Trevino in Texas

Postponed: Tracy Beatty in Texas

Postponed: Fabian Hernandez in Texas

Postponed: Blaine Milam in Texas

Postponed: Oscar Smith in Tennessee

Postponed: Willie Smith in Alabama

Postponed: Ramiro Ibarra in Texas

Postponed: Pervis Payne in Tennessee
     - Also: Learn about the Tennessee March for Mercy

Statewide calls to action:

End all Ohio executions permanently: Call on Governor DeWine to end Ohio's death penalty.

Tell Arizona to not schedule executions:  Arizona is on the verge of setting execution dates after a seven-year hiatus.

Oklahoma dates pending: Oklahoma plans to resume executions after a five-year hiatus. Ask Governor Stitt to reverse course.


Rodney Reed - innocent man facing death in Texas

Randall Mays - intellectually disabled prisoner on Texas's death row

Randy Halprin - a Jewish man facing execution in Texas despite an anti-Semitic judge

James Dailey - innocent man facing death in Florida

Rob Will - innocent man facing death in Texas

Harold Nichols - facing death in Tennessee

Melissa Lucio - woman on death row in Texas.  In addition to the petition, consider watching The State vs. Melissa here. If you are able to pay the viewing fee, please do. To watch for free, use the code “Action123” when prompted. Once you register you have three days to start watching it.