Legislation of concern is active in the the following states. If you live in these states, please follow the link to join the state anti-death penalty organization or campaign. Follow their lead, contact your state legislators, volunteer and/or donate. If you know people who live in these states, invite them to do so as well.

Alabama - Dangerous death penalty expansion legislation is proposed

Colorado - Abolition bill passed and signed into law in 2020!

Delaware - Re-introduction bill is under consideration

Iowa - Re-introduction bill is under consideration

Kentucky - Severe mental illness restriction legislation is pending. Please call YOUR SENATOR at 800-372-7181. A real person will answer, and they will transmit your message to the right Senator. Leave this message for your Senator: "Please ask Senate Leadership to bring HB 148 to the Senate Floor for a vote, and please VOTE YES to protect Kentuckians with serious mental illness from the death penalty."

Louisiana - Bill to abolish the death penalty is expected this session

Ohio - Bi-partisan death penalty repeal legislation is moving - Ohioans, write your legislators here.

Nevada - Death penalty repeal legislation is soon to be introduced. Action opportunities forthcoming.  Meanwhile, sign up with the Nevada Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

South Carolina - Tell legislators to not force prisoners to choose between being burned to death in the electric chair or shot to death by firing squad. South Carolina residents can write your legislators.

Utah - Death penalty repeal legislation is to be considered.

Virginia - Abolition bill passed and signed into law in 2021! Thank Virginia leaders.

West Virginia - Death penalty reintroduction attempts have been stopped for the current session

Wyoming - Death penalty repeal legislation has been defeated in 2021. If you live in Wyoming, write your legislators.