With nearly 2,500 men and women on death row across the United States, we can't promote every single case.  But below are cases that have been brought to our attention that you can learn about and take action on.

Randy Halprin - a Jewish man facing execution in Texas despite an anti-Semitic judge

Randall Mays - intellectually disabled prisoner on Texas's death row

Gerald Pizzuto, Jr. - prisoner already in hospice with cancer in Idaho

Additionally, please visit our Wrongful Convictions page for innocence-specific casework we are engaged on. Below you will find our petitions regarding these cases.

Anthony Apanovitch - DNA proves he shouldn't be on death row in Ohio

Ivan Cantu - innocent man on Texas death row

James Dailey - innocent man facing death in Florida

Richard Glossip - innocent man facing death in Oklahoma

Kevin Keith - taken off death row in Ohio but still innocent in prison

Melissa Lucio - Latina woman on death row in Texas for a murder that didn't even happen

Rodney Reed - innocent man facing death in Texas

Anthony Sanchez - newly discovered evidence proves his innocence in Oklahoma

Rob Will - innocent man facing death in Texas