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02/25/2024: Idaho Execution Opponents to Gather Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday

01/25/2024: Advocacy Groups Decry First-Ever Nitrogen Asphyxiation Execution (Press Conference notification)

01/19/2024: ADVOCACY GROUPS CALL FOR HALT TO EXECUTION - Protesters Decry Experimental Execution Method, Urge Sanctions on "Dr. Death"

12/13/2023: Spiritual Advisor Sues Alabama Over Religious Freedom At Planned Gas Chamber Execution

11/30/2023: Execution Protests Planned As Silence From Stitt Continues

10/09/2023: World Day Against the Death Penalty Marred by Possible Texas Execution of Mentally Ill Jewish Man

10/05/2023: Thousands Appeal to TX Board of Pardons and Paroles to Halt Pending Execution

08/23/2023: 2024 Candidates Asked to Sign Death Penalty Action Pledge to State Their Positions

07/21/2023: Billboard Campaign Urges AG To Reinvestigate Case

07/20/2023: Groups to Deliver Petitions, Hold Prayer Vigils Opposing Resumption of Alabama Executions

07/19/2023: Executions Set to Resume in Oklahoma Following Six-Month Hiatus

06/29/2023: 51st Anniversary of Furman v. Georgia Comes As U.S. Supreme Court Disregards Innocence as “Relevant.”

06/28/2023: Death Row Survivor Raising $100K For Operation to Walk Again

06/27/2023: Jews & Allies Say "NO" to the Angel of Death

06/25/2023: Follow Death Penalty Action Next Seven Days

06/23/2023: Oklahoma Prisoner Anthony Sanchez Rejects Clemency Process

06/14/2023: Death Penalty Action Joins With Broccoli City and Action Network - Announce New Community Campaign

05/25/2023: Oklahoma Investigator To Detail Evidence of Innocence of Anthony Sanchez

05/19/2023: Family of Rodney Reed to Demand Justice After 25 Years of Wrongful Incarceration on Death Row

05/03/2023: National Anti-Death Penalty Leaders To Participate in Restoration of 25 Crosses Erected to Protest Oklahoma Execution Spree

04/19/2023: Ivan Cantu's Execution Date Withdrawn After Two Trial Jurors Call For Halt to Execution and Review of New Evidence

04/19/2023: Two Trial Jurors Call For Halt to Execution and Review of New Evidence // Cantu's Mother, Investigator to Visit Texas State Capitol Building on Today

04/15/2023: Man Next in Line to Be Executed in Texas Files Clemency Application

03/08/2023: Spiritual Advisor Pleads For Arthur Brown’s Life

02/19/2023: Stabbing Victim/Survivor, Former Florida Executioner & Exonerated Death Row Survivors Featured in Mini-Documentary Series; State-wide speaking tour

01/11/2023: Oklahoma Department of Corrections Backs Down on Jeff Hood Complaint

01/09/2023: Scott Eizember & Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood Sue OK Department of Corrections for Violation of Religious Freedom

01/02/2023: Hundreds of Organizations Urge President, AG to Halt Federal & Military Death Penalty

12/12/2022: US Marine Veteran to be Executed in Mississippi

12/11/2022: Iranian/Saudi/Myanmar Other Executions of Protesters Raise Call For President Biden to Vote YES for Global Moratorium

11/19/2022: Family of Innocent/Former Death-Sentenced Ohio Prisoner Kevin Keith to Deliver Petitions to Governor DeWine

11/15/2022: Four Executions in Two Days Indicate US Execution Spike; Protests Planned in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma & Alabama

11/14/2022: Brother of Ohio Prisoner Kevin Keith Urges Governor DeWine: "Bring my Innocent Brother Home for Thanksgiving."

10/07/2022: Family of Rodney Reed to Attend Prayer Rally Prior to US Supreme Court Argument

08/16/2022: National Death Penalty Opponents To Visit Little Rock

08/03/2022:  Kosoul Chanthakoummane Family/Supporters Announce Press Conference to Halt Execution

06/29/2022: 50th Anniversary of Furman v. Georgia Comes As Executions on the Rise

06/13/2022: Death Penalty Protesters Join #ShutDownSCOTUS Action in DC

04/17/2022: Tennessee Executions Resume This Week

04/12/2022: Melissa Lucio Family Members and Supporters to Attend Hearing

03/04/2022: Group Fighting Federal Death Penalty & Former Congresswoman Who Witnessed The Bombing Decry Reinstatement of Death Sentence for Boston Bomber

1/26/2022: "Pick Your Poison," States Demand of Mentally Challenged Prisoners

1/16/2022: Federal Death Penalty Protests in DC Set for Martin Luther King Day/45th Anniversary of First Execution

1/12/2022: MLK Day Death Penalty Protests in DC/45th Anniversary of First Execution

11/18/2021: Will Oklahoma Kill An Innocent Man Today?

11/05/2021: Death Penalty Action Delivers Thousands of Petitions, Phone Calls to Governor Stitt Urging Clemency for Julius Jones

05/18/2021: Texas May Resume Executions After Longest Hiatus in 40 Years

05/07/2021: Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act of 2021 Becomes Bi-Partisan

02/26/2021: Death Penalty Action Announces Second Phase of 100 Day Push to Abolish Federal Death Penalty

01/08/2021: Death Penalty Action Delivers Over 500,000+ Signatures

01/03/2021: Regarding Actions and Protests to Scheduled Federal Executions

12/23/2020: Groups Petition Acting U.S. Attorney General Rosen to Rescind Execution Warrants (PDF)

12/18/2020: Second Positive Covid-19 Case of Federal Prisoners with Pending Execution Dates (PDF)

12/04/2020: Virtual Human Rights Conference Focuses on Trump’s Federal Execution Spree

11/24/2020: Execution by Firing Squad “Just Ridiculous” (PDF)

11/19/2020: Orlando Hall federal execution protests - "Death Penalty Abolitionists Stream Live Protests Nationwide" (PDF)

Articles on federal executions by The Intercept, written by Liliana Segura, can found here.

Other articles on federal executions:

Washington Post: Biden's silence on executions adds to death penalty disarray (6/18/21)

Associated Press: 2 South Carolina executions halted until firing squad formed (6/16/21)

Mother Jones: Trump Went on an Execution Spree. Biden Can Make Sure That Doesn’t Happen Again (6/11/21)

Indiana Public Media: Michigan GOP Congressman Backs Bill To Prohibit Federal Death Penalty (5/7/2021)

Newsweek: Joe Biden, Who Vowed to Abolish Executions, Urged to Commute Death Row Sentences (3/4/21)

Newsweek: Donald Trump Executioners May Have Misled Courts, Sparking Calls for Investigation (2/23/2021)

Associated Press: Big challenge: Biden is pressed to end federal death penalty (2/7/2021)

Indiana Public Radio: Anti-Death Penalty Group Petitions Attorney General To Halt Federal Executions At Terre Haute (12/24/2020)

Newsweek: Brandon Bernard Execution Protesters to Tape off DOJ Offices As Crime Scene (12/10/2020)

Newsweek: Trump Has Made Firing Squad, Poison Gas Executions Possible—But Will They Actually Happen? (12/7/2020)

Associated Press: Trump ratchets up pace of executions before Biden inaugural (12/7/2020)

Newsweek: Thousands Call on Trump to Cancel Remaining Scheduled Federal Executions (11/18/2020)

Washington Post: Justice Department schedules three more federal executions (11/20/2020)

Reuters: U.S. sets September execution dates for two federal inmates

News and Tribune: The Indiana State Police agrees not to block execution protesters: Death Penalty Action calls for congressional investigation into recent executions, Trump Administration’s politicization of death penalty

Tribune Star: Anti-death penalty group: Email proves executions a 'political stunt'

Tribune Star: Flashpoint: Trump is playing politics with the death penalty

Misc. News:

Austin Chronicle: Death Watch: Father Forgave, Texas Doesn’t (8/12/22)

Texas Observer: Upcoming Execution Based on Discredited Forensic Science (8/10/22)

The Intercept: Rush to Judgment: Is Texas Sending Melissa Lucio to Die for a Crime That Never Happened? (3/5/22)

Moment Magazine: Cantor Leads Jewish Movement to Abolish Death Penalty (7/6/21)

Arkansas Coverage in 2017:

4/26/2017: How a Daughter’s Search for Her Biological Father Led Her to an Execution in Arkansas (The Intercept)

4/22/2017: Exonerated Death Row Inmates Documentary Shown in Northwest Arkansas

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