The Case of Ivan Cantu in Texas


Ivan Cantu is scheduled for execution on April 26th, 2023 in Texas for allegedly killing his cousin, James Mosqueda, and his cousin's fiancé, Amy Kitchen. Ivan has always maintained his innocence.

For over 3 years, the Cousins By Blood Podcast has investigated Ivan's capital murder case and innocence claim.

Issues of concern:


  • Evidence showing the state’s star witness committed perjury.
  • After Cantu’s conviction, the prosecution withheld evidence from the defense for 11 years.
  • Evidence that the prosecution and investigating officers improperly coached witnesses.
  • Post-conviction DNA testing could not definitively establish Cantu was wearing the clothing admitted into evidence.
  • According to multiple forensic pathologists, there is at least a 6 hour difference in the victim’s time of death and when the state’s star witness testified the murders occurred.


  • While the state utilized five experts, the defense requested zero experts.
  • Trial counsel called no witnesses during the guilt/innocence phase and presented no exculpatory evidence.
  • Trial counsel did not interview witnesses on the state’s witness list prior to trial.
  • Trial counsel conceded his guilt during the closing argument.
  • Trial counsel did not request a defense investigator, nor conduct any independent investigation.


  • Counsel was not communicative with Cantu and rendered ineffective assistance by failing to challenge trial counsel’s performance at the guilt/innocence phase of trial.

To learn more about Ivan's case, head over to the Cousins By Blood Podcast. The podcast is also available for downloads on all major podcast platforms.

Video Case Summary (24 min)

Case Summary (24 min version)