Take the Death Penalty Action Election Pledge: Death Penalty Action is asking every candidate for president to articulate their position on the federal and military death penalty during the campaign.

Starting with the first Republican Presidential candidate debate on August 23rd in Milwaukee, Death Penalty Action is providing this web page to catalog and monitor candidates positions on the federal and military death penalty. We will also seek to ensure at least one question requiring thoughtful responses related to the death penalty and related criminal justice matters is posed by the debate moderator in each debate. As the campaign progresses, we will provide assessments and further questions for each candidates' consideration and post their responses.

The project is non-partisan and will continue until the election is complete in November, 2024. Death Penalty Action does not endorse or oppose candidates for political office. This is for informational purposes only.

This page is in development as of August 23 and will be updated regularly.

A "*" indicates that a candidate has signed the pledge.


[  ]  Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie- former prosecutor and supports capital punishment

[  ]  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis - signed a recent law allowing only 8 out of 12 jurors to favor the death sentence, the least amount of jurors in the entire countries. Most states require jury unanimity.

[  ]  Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley - called for the execution of the Charleston church shooter while Governor of South Carolina but recently said she opposes the death penalty for women

[  ]  Former Vice President Mike Pence - wants an expedited process for executing mass shooters

[  ]  Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy - unknown

[  ]  Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina - thanked the Charleston Church Shooting Jurors for choosing the death penalty

[  ]  Former President Donald Trump - oversaw more executions than any president in modern history, and proposes executions for drug dealers

[  ]  North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum - unknown

[  ]  Asa Hutchinson - bragged about attempting to execute eight prisoners over a 10-day period while Governor of Arkansas


[  ]  President Joe Biden - ran on ending the federal death penalty but shows inaction

[ * ]  Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.- opposed execution of his father’s convicted killer Sirhan Sirhan because of problems with the evidence

[  ]  Writer and Speaker Marianne Williamson - tweeted earlier this year that she was “Deeply grateful the Supreme Court blocked the execution of Richard Glossip.”


[  ]  Cornel West - against executions

[  ]  Randy Toler - unknown


[ * ]  Mike Ter Maat - opposes the death penalty

[ * ]  Chase Oliver - opposes the death penalty

[ * ]  Lars Mapstead - opposes the death penalty