Human Rights in Crisis

A Virtual Conference on the Death Penalty

December 6-12, 2020

A Virtual Conference on the Death Penalty

December 6-12, 2020

A week of live/interactive on-line panel discussions and events.  Featuring Amanda Knox, Sister Helen Prejean, Shane Claiborne, Liliana Segura, Dejuan Correia, and others.

Background:  Five federal executions have been scheduled between December 10, 2020 (International Human Rights Day) and January 15, 2021 (Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday), and more could still come before Trump leaves office. The week long series of on-line panel discussions took place December 6 to 12 to address this unprecedented federal execution spree and hear more about the state of the death penalty in the United States today.

Held in honor of international human rights icon Bill Pelke, founder of Journey of Hope...From Violence to Healing

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Our Featured Presenters

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox is an exoneree, journalist, public speaker, and author. She spent nearly four years in an Italian prison and eight years on trial for a murder she didn’t commit. In 2015, she published her book, Waiting to be Heard. Visit her website, listen to her podcast: Labryinths, and watch the Netflix documentary (trailer on YouTube).

Sister Helen Prejean
Catholic nun Sister Helen Prejean is known around the world for her tireless work against the death penalty. She has been instrumental in sparking national dialogue on capital punishment, most notably know for her 1993 book Dead Man Walking, and the subsequent film adaptation by the same name (watch the YouTube trailer). Visit her website, and find her newest book River of Fire (2019) here.

Shane Claiborne
Shane Claiborne is a Christian activist, author and speaker, and one of the founding members of the non-profit organization, The Simple Way. Visit his website, follow on Twitter, and check out his newest book, about the death penalty, Executing Grace (2016).

Liliana Segura
Liliana Segura is an award-winning investigative journalist covering the U.S. criminal justice system, with a longtime focus on harsh sentencing, the death penalty, and wrongful convictions. She currently works for The Intercept, and you can read her articles here. Follow her on Twitter.

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Co-sponsors are still invited to endorse the conference, even though programming has ended.  Funds are still needed to cover costs, and to prepare for the next round of actions around federal executions in January 2021. Confirm your financial sponsorship here. Organizations wishing to be listed as an in-kind sponsor should send an e-mail to

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Southern Methodist University Human Rights Program
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